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The Organic Dutchman team has done an excellent job all over the past years. When we purchased our house, in the late 2012, the condition of the lawn was pathetic. There were lot of weeds and crabgrass. Today, we have lush green lawn with ZERO weeds/crabgrass. In true essence, the Organic Dutchman crew has made our yard look beautiful and we love it. The service is punctual and professional. The cost of lawn service is worth every penny. I... Read more

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Organic Dutchman was hired to landscape my lawn to prepare for placing my house for sale. The curb appeal was greatly improved and the lawn has never looked better. I am certain that their work was one of the factors in selling my house within five days. They gave a free estimate and presented several options to choose from in different price ranges. I was impressed by his professionalism and knowledge and couldn't be happier! Everything was... Read more

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I happened to read this company's blog and it made the most sense. Why would I want to place harmful chemicals on my lawn when our kids and dogs play in the grass and we have well water! The Organic Dutchman seems to be very dedicated to not harming the environment and that's good enough for me. I've heard stories about dogs and cats getting tumors and I wonder if its because of regular fertilizers and *** treatments. I've used this company for... Read more

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It is amazing to read some of the attack reviews Organic Dutchman is receiving lately. The dangerous chemical companies are feeling the heat from the all safe and organic movement. My family, neighbors and friends are using Organic Dutchman for years and we never look back. They do an amazing job. It does require some patience and also some info on how the organic products look so different from the chemical ones. We have children and pets. It... Read more

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We grew up in Flemington NJ and enjoyed this service for over 11 years. My sister and I could play in our yard with our dog, without any problems. Our dog got never sick and we could walk barefoot. We had parties and our friends always commented how nice and green our yard looked. Our neighbor, their dog died, we all believe that chemicals and pesticides were to blame. Many residents in our area did switch to Organic Dutchman and never looked... Read more

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I too contracted for Organic Dutchman lawn treatment - a disaster! I had a signed agreement for the 8 step "Comprehensive Program" with a set price. The very first invoice I received was for a higher price. When I questioned it, I was told "we had a price increase - I guess I forgot to tell you". They were supposed to do spot seeding, which was not done. When I asked why, I did not even get an acceptable answer. Know what their "partial ***... Read more

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Organic Dutchman Lawn Care deserves the best REVIEWS, because this Lawn Service is professional, all organic, safe for the environment and always honest and HARDWORKING. We have enjoyed this service for over 11 years and never looked back. Our friends and neighbors also use them for a long time and we are all very happy how our lawns look. We HIGHLY RECOMMEND them. Give them a call. They also have excellent customer service and are affordable.... Read more

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I had a beautiful lawn before I hired this guy. After one season, I had huge brown spots in my lawn about 10 feet in diameter. After I fired him, I called two other companies to address the problem and they said the grass was killed and needed re-seeding. Hundreds of dollars worth of damage. One year later, and my lawn has still never recovered. He charges money and doesn't even fertilize the lawn! He walks around with a bucket and tosses... Read more

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We live in a neighborhood of people using all kinds of services to have perfect lawns. As a result of this 'pressure', my late husband hired a chemical agent lawn service. I always hated it and never trusted that my pets or kids were safe. I mean really, stay off grass for an hour and magically everything goes away and is safe?? How *** do you have to be to believe that. I respected my husbands wishes and when he passed away decided that I... Read more

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Harmen and the Organic Dutchman team are the best. I've tried plenty of other lawn care services and no one matches their service or their customer service. Not only does my lawn and shrubs look better than they ever have, but Harmen has gone out of his way to satisfy even the smallest requests I've had. I think he works 24 hours a day because he also gets back to me immediately when I need something. All of this AND his treatments are safe.... Read more

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