My lawn looks like we live in a Ghetto

2 yes and $1400 later I cancel Dutchey

He had the Gall to send me a final bill for $500

And a personal note stating "Your Dandelions are not my problem "

Review about: Organic Dutchman Lawn Service.

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Morristown, New Jersey, United States #846967

My lawn looks the same. It is full of dandelions, clover and numerous other weeds and this is after one year and 4 treatments.

He said that I needed to go to the next level of treatment if I wanted to see results which made it clear to me that he knew that the plan I had would not help the lawn.

My lawn is an embarrassment to us and the entire neighborhood. Needless to say, I cancelled the contract.

West Windsor Township, New Jersey, United States #838207

My lawn looks the same, two years later and I now have so many dandelions that it will take me the entire summer and fall to pull them out. I also have huge patches of clover that is slowly taking over.

I called him and he offered to come and try do some more treatments but I do not trust him anymore, he is a big charlatan! He gets everyone with his cancer thing. I called another guy who does natural treatments in Pennington and he told me upfront that natural treatments will not get rid of dandelions and clover. Now, that is something that Mr.

Dutchman never mentioned. Had he told me two years ago that I will have a lawn choke full of dandelions and clover, I would have dismissed the idea of hiring him immediately. Now I am breaking my back pulling dandelions.

He's no professional!

A professional would have come and evaluate the damage and come up with a plan to fix what he's ruined. But that plan involves a lot of pulling weeds so I guess I cannot expect him to do that, can I? I asked him for all my money back and he replayed: "I cancelled your contract." Stay away from this guy! You want to do natural treatments, you have to do it yourself.

My opinion is that he never fertilized the grass. Nor did he apply any pre-emergent treatments for the weeds.

He just sat home and collected the money. Only drove by and left a note in the postal box saying that he did a treatment.

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